Atelier Work

Creations of Jewellery and Gemmetallogy Art

MBONMOBNNE Creations of Jewellery

Jewellery Atelier MBONMBONNE always creates each jewellery pieces carefully that make you feel delightful.
The creations show in Creations page. It will be grateful if you ask about the creations, or anything about jewellery from contact form.

Gemmetallogy Art Seeking on Gemmetallogy Art

What is “Gemmetallogy Art”? It consists of two words, “Gemmology” + “Metal” are the word I created. It means of seeking of the possibility of expressing by gems and metals. The another field of this atelier is always tried to study beautiful mystic world of natural science of gemmology, metals, jewellery history and relations between jewellery and fashion which are deeply related to my works. That is, “Gemmetallogy Art”.

Ohanashi Ten – Exhibition of Gem・Metal + Jewellery Tale (Only Japanese)

My first exhibition, “Jewellery + Tale of Gem” realized with cooperation of my friends which exhibited my jewellery works and talked about some gem story. The idea of the exhibition bore the idea of Gemmetallogy Art. It will keep writing on the web exhibition, “Gem・Metal + Jewellery Tale”.

Hanaemi Blog – Tamayura no Hanaemi

It is written about happening of wonderful and enchanting moment in daily life. The word, “Tamayura” originally means moment of making subtle sounds being touched between balls like pearls. It is thought as metaphor of short moment. The word, “Hanaemi” originally expresses lovely moment of flower buds beginning to bloom. It is thought as metaphor of lovely smile. I think these two words are well expressed and beautiful Japanese as it is clear for me to imagine the scene by them. I would like to write about happenings in daily life with lovely smile as the moments as my blog title, “Tamayura no Hanaemi”.