Custom Made Jewellery

  • How To Order
  • Reference Price (Excluding Tax)
Consultation (Free of Charge)
We are welcomed to order for your original jewellery or remodeling jewellery. It is all depending on your budget. Please write us from Order Form. Please feel free to talk about jewellery design including metal and gems what you would us like to make.
* The correspondence between you and us are basically by email, however if necessary, phone, fax or also possible meet.

Draft Jewellery Design and Estimation (Free of Charge)
We will prepare for rendering of your hope jewellery and tell the estimation.
* Please do not hesitate to ask us to revise the design. It is possible to change the design at this stage.
** Please refer to the reference price.

Decision and Making
It will start making your ordered jewellery after the design has been decided.
* It will not be able to accept an offer of the change the jewellery design or your cancellation after ordering.

Delivery for Creations
We will inform you that the creation is completed. Then your ordered creation will be delivered to you after it is confirmed that your payment is completed.
* It will take about 3 months or more ~**in order to complete the creation. The duration depends on the finished design of the creation.
** For order from overseas it will take about 3.5 month or more ~.
The price is indicated ¥ (Japanese Yen) JPY.

Eg. Item: A Simple Designed Ring (Without Gems or Engraving Patterns)

Silver: ¥18,000~
Yellow Gold (Au750): ¥30,000~
Platinum: ¥30,000~
Japanese Traditional Alloys (Coloring of Copper, Shakudo, Shibuichi etc): ¥30,000~
Japanese Traditional Alloys (Mokumegane): ¥30,000~

* It is an example price for a simple designed ring. The price will increase or reduce depending on size (weight), number of gems, Engraving Patterns etc.
** Please be sure that the price will increase or reduce depending on kinds of metal and the fluctuation in metal prices.


* Please contact as the subject title is "Custom Made Jewellery" if you do not receive a reply even after 3 days or more as it may be cause of Email un-delivery.

** Please confirm your spam mail box as our replying mail may happen to be as a spam mail.

Thank you very much.