Notes For Handling Creations!!!

【For Metal Allergies】
* It must admit being considered of metal allergies to mercury, nickel, cobalt, chromium. Rhodium plating for silver and platinum are subjected to a treatment without a nickel in order to avoid metal allergies of your skin, however, please consider the possibility of an allergic reaction occurs.
** It is rare to get you have an allergy to such metals, however, we will unable to take any responsibility for that issue even though it happens.

【How to Care】
* For Creations such as plating, matt finished and coloring:
Please wipe gently with a soft cloth after use creations. It is not recommended to wipe with a cloth for metals containing abrasives as it is easy to peel the surface off.
** For Polished Creations:
It would be all right to wipe with a cloth for metals containing abrasives however it is recommended to wipe a soft cloth moistened with a drop of neutral detergent and a small amount of sodium bicarbonate.

【For Creations Images】
* The image of creations may happen to be displayed slightly different impression of the real one due to depending on photographic light or each computer screens.
** The image of creations may happened to be shown larger than life-size as it is taken by macro-lens mode of photography. Please check out the life-size of the creations in the shop page before purchase.
*** The copyright of the image is not abandoned. It is refused to use the image without permission.