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I encountered with metal art at the University in the United States when I learned three-dimensional design. I got some parts of iron scrap at a junkyard and welded them to make a work of art. It was excited to welding work at first but was very hard for me to complete making it, I remember, was one of the most memorable experiences in my mind.

The time has passed when I was in London. I just stopped by a Jewellery store and looked at a yellow gem which was very impressive on me. I asked a clerk timidly as I did not have any knowledge about gems what the stone was. It was a yellow diamond he said gently. Needless to say but it was shining beautifully. The brilliance had been in my mind for a while after returning to my home. Even now, I remain in my mind.

My jewellery carrier is originally inspired by these two experiences. I came to know that there was a technique of Japanese traditional metalwork which has been developed independently in Japan. I would like to continue studying about the characteristics of gems and metals and about this fine traditional metalwork of Japan through my creating jewellery activity.

I thank my teachers and friends who teach me a lot of enjoyment of creating and my family.



Aoyamagakuin Junior college of Tokyo in Japan, Associate degree of in Liberal Art
Ottawa University at Kansas state in the U.S.A., studied in Fine Art
Studying technique of jewellery making, design and metalwork at present
Opened MBONMBONNE as a jewellery artist

GIA GG (Graduate Gemologist of Gemological Institute of America)
Completed Gas and Welding skill training of Japan