Services For Orders / eShop

The price is indicated ¥ (Japanese Yen) JPY.

For Gifts
We will prepare a paulownia box. Please inform us if you would like us to send as gifts.
* It will charge the commission fee ¥300.

Shipping Costs
For Japan in domestic areas: The costs are generally free*.
For Overseas (except Japan): It will charge the commission fee ¥1,000free*.
* It will cost you the package fee if it is exceeded the normal range or standards.
** For tariff on shipment: Please note that the tariff may happen to be paid by the purchaser. The tariff guidelines vary depending on each destination countries and the contents of the luggage. Please understand that we, MBONMBONNE (this atelier), are unable to investigate the tariff amount as it varies depending on each country.

For Payment
The payment will be available one of the following methods.
・Bank transfer*
・PayPal - It will be necessary to create a new account if you do not have.
・Cash - Possible to pay us directly when delivering the creation by hand.
* Please burden bank transfer fee at your expense.
** Please note that you require to inform us if payer name is different from the person who buy the creation.

Payment Period
・We will inform you the details of payment methods in the invoice attached to the notification email of preparation to delivery for the creation.
・In some cases, We may require a 30% deposit of the full amount when you place an order and will charge you the remaining balance when the creation is completed to deliver to you.
* Your payment requires being completed within 7 days shortly after the next day you receive the information email.
** It will be cancelled if we are not able to confirm your payment after the deadline.

Delivery Period
We will arrange to deliver after your payment is confirmed.
It will be one of the following ways to deliver to you.
・We will arrange to deliver to Japan and overseas within delivery services*.
・Delivery by hand may be available. Please contact us if you would like to.
* For Delivery
- For Japan in domestic areas: It will be arranged to deliver within 3 days by registered mail. The delivery date may take 4 or 5 days over weekends and Japanese holidays.
- For Overseas (except Japan): Delivery days will be 5 days on average by air mail. The delivery date may take more than 5 days as it varies depending on the transportation, customs clearance as well as the mail handling procedures and other factors in each destination countries.
- Restrictions on overseas shipping: Please note that the overseas shipping for valuables such as jewellery is restricted by some countries as their regulations.